Samson Deen

Samson Deen

THE  EXECUTIVE Chairman of Africa Origin Travels and Sports Toursim, Samson Deen, is seething with rage following media reports  orchestrated to misrepresent him.

 Mr. Deen has consequently cautioned media practitioners to be circumspect with their reports to help boost  the image of their profession.

He admonished journalists to always cross check their facts before they publish stories to help save them from problems.

Mr. Deen was reacting to a false publication in the media suggesting the GFA had debarred Africa Origin from airlifting fans to the World Youth Championship in Turkey, this month.

He stated emphatically that the said publication was a hoax, suspecting that the story was being used to dent the image of Africa Origin Travel and Sports Tourism.

Mr. Deen did not rule out the possibility of some hidden faces in the hospitality industry being behind the fake story.

In an interview  with  Moses  Antwi Benefoh aka P J Mozey of  METRO FM in Kumasi, he disclosed that the reporter that filed the  story had even apologised to him (Deen) for publishing the said story.

The Africa Origin Travel and Sports Tourism Boss, who is a luminary in the travelling industry in the country, reiterated the need for journalists to cross check their facts always.

He cautioned travelling agencies in the country to refrain from hiring newsmen to write negative stories to dent the image of  reputable organisations in the industry.

He recounted how he worked hard over the years to bring Africa Origin travel and Spots Tourism to its present status, stating ?I did not reach where I am today on a silver platter.?

Mr. Deen urged new entrants in the travelling business to take their time and mature in the business so that they would not attract  unnecessary enemies.

?Take your time and grow in this industry,? the Africa Origin boss said ?if you rush, you will get crushed,? he added.

Sanni Daara, the GFA Communications Director, speaking on the same network, described the said story  indicating that the  GFA has ditched Africa Origin Travel and Sports Tourism for another agency to ferry soccer fans to Turkey as false.

He enumerated the outstanding services that Africa Origin Travel and Sports Tourism had rendered for the country over the years, stressing the GFA could not be ungrateful to Africa Origin now.

The FA spokesperson  urged soccer fans to treat the report that Africa Origin didn?t have the right to fly fans to Turkey for the World Youth Championship with the contempt it deserved.

FROM I.F. Joe Awuah Jnr., Kumasi.


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