agricultural productivity
agricultural productivity

For investments in agricultural development by African governments to yield the needed results these interventions must be done with consistency an expert told Xinhua here on Tuesday.

Frank Braeken, Council member of the Alliance for Green Revolution, Africa (AGRA), said in an interview during the launching of the 2019 African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) that without a broad-based approach there will be inconsistency in policy direction, especially when different governments come to power.


“At the country level the most important thing that needs to happen is a collective agreement; you have to be collectively convinced that agriculture is a critical sector for the country and for society,” Braeken stated.

As a country, he averred that “if you are not convinced about the critical place of the agricultural sector in national development then every change of government will come with a change in policy and there will not be sustainability, there will be no consistency.”

“The various factors in agricultural development must not be taken separately, because all go together to make the sector develop, so they must all be taken together,” Braeken who is also the Business Chairman of Enterprise and Parliamentary Dialogue International added.

We could be having a problem with increased yields with our fertilizer and seed interventions if we do not tackle storage properly, added the expert.

He painted gloomy picture of the financial losses a farmer could suffer after investing in planting and other modern agronomy methods if storage is not developed alongside and at the same time.

“So making the right interventions at different points along the value chain concurrently, not sequently is absolutely critical,” he stressed.

Ghana has been selected to host this year’s AGRF in September and Minister for Food and Agriculture, Owusu Afriyie Akoto urged during the launching that the private sector begins to play its needed role in transforming the agricultural sector.

“Ladies and gentlemen the private sector has a key role to play in achieving sustainable accelerated inclusive growth and development,” the minister maintained.

He alluded to the estimation that the demand for food will increase by 70 percent by 2050 with the world expected to feed a population of nine billion people.

Most of the estimated 80 billion US Dollars investment in the food system to meet this demand will come from the private sector, added the minister. Enditem


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