The Nigerian-born boxer failed to clinch WBO cruiser-weight title fight for the second time

Los Angeles-based Ola Afolabi once again failed to beat German Marcus Huck in a WBO cruiserweight title fight in Erfurt, Germany.

Afolabi, who before the bout promised fans worldwide to win the belt which seems to be eluding him, stormed into the fight determined to make good his vow. A flurry of punches here and there threw him into an early lead and awarded the German a bloody nose in the third round.

Angered by the bloodied nose and the taunting screams of his trainer telling him “to do something”, Kuck tornadoed back into the fight to have Afolabi reeling in the ninth and the final round.

At the end, Huck retained the belt that has been so much conveted by Afolabi after  two judges scored the bout 114-114, while the third gave him a winning scoreline of 115-113.

Speaking later on the bout,  Huck said: “I was tired early on, but I’m a fighter and I fought.  Thankfully it was just enough in the end.”

Afolabi, on his part paid tribute to his opponent’s determination, saying: “I give Marco a a lot of credit. I thought he was tired around round six, but he just kept coming until round 12.”

However, the 32-year-old boxer who has twice seen his quest for the cruiserweight champion title stopped twice by Huck, is already spoiling for another bout. On his facebook page he asked: “Would you like to see Afolabi vs. Huck 3?

He also thanked his fans worldwide for their support.

“I would like to thank everybody for their support,” he wrote. “How did you score the fight? Should they have scored my knockdown in round two? in which case i would have won for sure.

“I still think I won more rounds without the knock down. Would you like to see Afolabi vs Huck 3? Again thanks to everyone that showed up and those that supported me in spirit. A draw in Germany on a salad card is a win.

“Btw, one of the judges we picked apparently got sick so salad replaced him with their own judge guess which jude had huck winning? Yep, you guessed right.”

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