Ghana Police Service
Ghana Police Service

Assistant Commissioner of Police (ACP) Owusu Donyina, the Director of Interpol, Accra, has

called for stronger media support in the fight to rein in the growing evil of human trafficking.
PoliceHe said it should do more to create public awareness and highlight the danger.

ACP Donyina, who was speaking at a day?s sensitization programme in Kumasi, noted

that, Ghana was particularly vulnerable to the human and drugs trade, due to its strategic

location and proximity to Europe and Asia.
There was therefore the need for concerted efforts to provide adequate protection

for the youth – often the target of traffickers.
The workshop was organized by the Ashanti Regional Anti-Human and Drug Trafficking

Unit of the Ghana Police Service, and in attendance were the security services, officials

of the Gender, Children and Social Protection, the Social Welfare Department, rescue

victims and the general public.
The goal was to discuss effective ways to deal with the surge in the trafficking and

track down offenders.
ACP Donyina said many were being trapped largely because of ignorance and poverty

and encouraged the people to be bold to report the perpetrators in their communities to

the police.
The Regional Director of Social Welfare, Mr. Bejamin Otu, asked all to be wary of

advertisements on overseas jobs and educational opportunities.
These are often used as bait to trap and send people abroad to engage in forced

labour and other forms of inhuman treatment.
He advised the people to refuse to sell their relations into modern day slavery in

return for money and other material benefits.
Mrs Christiana Ankamah, the Regional Director of the Gender, Children and Social

Protection Ministry, warned of prosecution of parents and guardians caught pushing their

children into slavery.

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