Africa?s Goodwill Ambassador for Girl Child Soldier Eradication, Andrew Adansi Bonnah, also initiator of the Save Somali Children From Hunger Project and the Horn of Africa?s AU Children?s Goodwill Ambassador for Food Crisis Prevention and Management has joined world leaders to applaud the newly elected President of Somali, President Hassan Sheikh Muhamud on his assumption of office.

Ambassador Andrew said it is very timely that a new leader has being elected citing that the nation is gradually coming out of food crises and 20 years of long standing war and political disturbance and the urgent need to step up efforts made in order to achieve developmental goals.

Young Andrew made this address at a school gathering in Accra yesterday, the Class-Peter Memorial School where he is currently pursuing Junior High School Education. According to Adansi Bonnah, children are the victims of every difficult situation and the most vulnerable hence the need to protect them. ?This is should be the focus of the President as well. Somalia is coming out of hunger with a lot malnutrition children, girl child soldiers, abused children, and many other challenges that need critical attention during the post war reconstruction and reintegration? Andrew said.

Adansi Bonnah, Goodwill Ambassador for Girl Child Soldier Eradication in Africa who was appointed by the South African Durban Based Africa Centre Constructive Resolution Disputelast year said, soon he will be meeting the Somali President for a bilateral talk. He has therefore called on the people of Somalia to unite for peace which is the very tool they need now to aid in their developmental process.

Ambassador Andrew further stated that he is convinced that the time has come for all factions involved in any form of disturbance in the country to put everything behind them and marshal resources and efforts for the development of their people or else the future of the children will be in jeopardy. He said the newly elected President must create a conducive environment for child development and women empowerment, citing that they are the beacon of hope for the country.

Young Ambassador Andrew is hopeful that the future of Somalia is secured now. He has therefore urged the African Union, the United Nations and other development organizations to extend their fullest support and know-how to the new Government and people of Somalia.

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