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Just like her husband Shatta Wale, Afia Schwarzenegger has become more popular by the kind courtesy of bad news.

When many are wishing to see her downfall, Afia said it is almost impossible to see her fall.

In an interview with Graphic Showbiz, the Kokrooko host, comedienne and actress said, not only has bad news brought her fame but has also given her three houses. As to whether this is true or not, none can tell..

Her words below..

?I never knew Ghanaians loved me like that. I thought it was a joke when I read on my facebook page that three people wanted to offer me houses. Until I met with them to see how serious they were, I thought it was a scam,?

Do you recall months ago, a publication which says Afia Schwarzenegger?has been asked by her ‘fake’ husband by name Godson Yaw Boakye to move out from his house in Accra-Haatso because she (Afia Schwarzenegger) is not legally married to him? Well, Afia said it was a lie. No one has asked her to move from the house.

Graphic Showbiz stated…..

it was not true that she had been asked by her man to pack out of where she stays and said the house was in her name. Apart from the three houses she was offered, she said there were some rich individuals who wanted to rent a place for her at her own convenience.

To Afia, the fact that some Ghanaians rallied behind her when negative stories about her marriage and the Obinim issue came up showed how many Ghanaians support what she does.

?I am amazed at the huge responses I get anytime I step out for an event or present a show. I never thought I would have Ghanaians supporting me that much.

As she has always stated, Afia who seems to be growing stronger every time she is in the news for the wrong reasons said nothing can break her.

?It is time people know that negative news will not break me. I am a hard nut to crack. After carrying my dead husband whom I married for 10 years, what, again can shake me? I have said that I will give any amount to anyone who will succeed in bringing me down,? she said.

Asked how she has been able to overcome the negative stories, Afia explained that it is because most of the time, things said about her were not true.

According to her, people do not really find out the truth before putting out information about her but she is not bothered because everyone is entitled to his or her opinion.

She said even if those stories said about her were true, she would not kill herself to please her critics. ?Ok, my husband is now with his wife so should I kill myself or stop doing my programme? No way, I will continue doing what I know best?.

Afia believes it is her Kokooko programme on UTV that has turned into a ?public enemy?. ?People actually think I hate them that is why I talk about them on my show. I don?t hate anyone but I present the news as it is?, she stated.


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