Equatorial Guinea 21-year-old goalkeeper Felipe Ovono has been one of the best so far at the 2015 Africa Cup of Nations, as he proved it once more against Gabon in Group A final match day on Sunday, when his side overcame the Panthers 2-0 to stroll into the knockout stage of the competition.
Ovono told superport.com he was responsible for stopping Gabon from levelling the two goals which the Nzalang Nacional held onto until final whistle.
?After Gabon conceded the first goal through penalty they multiplied onslaughts towards our defence line but I was able to cease all their shots and keep our goalmouth impenetrable. You know we have never beaten Gabon before in an official competition and so they didn?t want to swallow that. However, I was able to keep our lead unscathed until the final whistle,? he said.
Ovono, who bears the same surname as the opposing goalkeeper Didier Ovono of Gabon, said he learnt a lot from the Gabonese guardian and will continue to take his lessons.
?Didier Ovono is a great goalkeeper and I have been watching and learning from him. Our victory over them doesn?t mean I?m a much better goalkeeper. He is the main man, I?m only a starter,? he enthused.
Ovono plays for local side Deportivo Mongomo but believes he could be spotted by foreign scouts if he maintains his form in the knockout stage.
?There are a lot of scouts from Europe and Asia in this tournament and they are observing us. I want to do my best to get spotted and hopefully move abroad to learn more.?
Close to 40,000 people were in attendance at the Bata Stadium to push the Nzalang against Gabon. The huge support yielded dividends according to Ovono.
?We just couldn?t afford to fail all those young and old people who trekked from far and near to watch us against Gabon. It buoyed us and we are happy they did not return disappointed.?
Ovono won the Fair Play award of the match.


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