Subah Infosolutions Limited
Subah Infosolutions Limited

After leading a scathing onslaught on IT giants Subah Infosolutions, for a supposed corrupt deal involving GHC75 million with the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) last year, the Alliance for Accountable Governance (AFAG) has heaped tons of praise on the IT company for providing technical support that led to the arrest of six SIM Box fraudsters.
Even though AFAG last year questioned report by a technical committee set up by government that exonerated SubahInfosolution in the alleged GHC 75million deal, the pro-New Patriotic Party (NPP) pressure groups, said it was important as a matter of principle to acknowledge the valuable service the SUBAH has provided the security services and the NCA to save the country from the huge loss in revenue.

Subah Infosolutions Limited
Subah Infosolutions Limited

A statement issued by the anti-government group stated ?AFAG commends the combined efforts of the CID, SUBAH and the NCA for this superb drive at nipping in the bud, the canker of sim box fraud, depriving the state of huge revenue. This initiative is laudable and must be sustained to curb this phenomenon to a zero tolerance threshold.?

SubahInfosolutions on Thursday, January 8, 2015, introduced a new technology to augment existing devices in its “Triangulation Project” which helps to identify SIM box fraudsters.

Director General of the Criminal Investigations Department (CID), Prosper Kwame Agbor, at a news briefing in Accra, Monday, revealed that SubahInfosolutions provided technical assistance in a joint action from the CID and other stakeholders in the Telecom sector to combat the influx of SIM box fraud syndicate.

He disclosed that the State within a period of five and seven months has lost a staggering amount of GHC 107,495, 000 in revenue due to the activities of SIM box fraudsters in the country.

The anti-fraud joint task force as part of its operations arrested some persons, including former President of the Ghana Real Estate Developers Association (GREDA), DrTweneboah, for engaging in the criminal activity.

As a result of this, AFAG, despite its strong views on the operations of SubahInfosolutions last year, lauded its efforts and chided the telecos for conniving with fraudsters to deny the country of much needed revenue.
?The question of interest is how these SIM box fraudsters can be in possession of 25 000 SIM cards without a closer working relationship with the telcos. Over the years we have observed with keen interest, the lack of transparency in the telecommunication industry.

?These companies operate as a cartel in Ghana. In the West and elsewhere, voice calls and data are subscribed cheaply on monthly basis with free data and other services. However in Ghana, over 15 years of the liberalization of the telecom market, consumers are fraught with costly call rates and less marketing innovation with high levels of marginalization,? AFAG statement queried?

The statement added ?AFAG is surprised that, except for one telcos, the remaining operators declare loss of profit annually. This is surreal, considering that they remain significant in business. Besides, what we see is interconnectivity challenges, and a torrent of complaints ranging from poor network quality, expensive bundled data, to extortion of subscribers purchasing call cards from vendors.?

Source: The Alhajj


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