I was completely taken a back when I read ahead from the dailies as well as the various private radio stations in the metropolis that, about 8000 homosexual in the western and central part of the country are been enlisted by an NGO to give them a full recognition to operate in the country LORD GOD ALMIGHTY. Ladies and Gentlemen homosexual a.k.a gayiasm was practiced in the days of Sodom and Gomorrah. And in connection with that the wrath of GOD almighty descended upon them without apology. Until just recently ladies and gentlemen when gayiasm started springing up in the country, indigenes all over the country raised emphatically against such a makeable act. But ladies and gentlemen some people who thought they are wiser than GOD as well as read books more than Methuselah himself comes out confidently saying “GIVE THEM THEIR RIGHT, THEY HAVE THEIR RIGHT TO FUCK EACH OTHER EVERY DAY AND NIGHT” “EFA WOHU” in other words is never your concern. Ladies and gentlemen, we have every reason to be concerned with these ungodly behaviors. As a matter of fact, ladies and gentlemen, as much as we want everybody to have his or her liberty or rights, we also in that same manner want everybody to live responsible. When we talk about these activities ladies and gentlemen, the human right activists says we are antagonizing a minority group. It is in no bodies interest in antagonize any minority group was so ever but we are ADVOCATING FOR A REASONABLE LIFESTYLE. Ladies and gentlemen, Out of enlisted 8000 homosexuals, about 6000 of them are reported to be infected with HIV AIDS. Ask yourself how many of them bisexuals are. Aren’t we going to see HIV AIDS doubling in terms of spreading in mother Ghana? While the Ghana aids commission spends huge sum of money to fight aids. Cant in that same vain the monies are use for other developmental project or integrated into the system to curb the rate of poverty to some level in the country? Wake up people of Ghana, wake up spirit of Africa, wake up mother Ghana to push these homosexuals down the drain in other to prevent the nation from suffering from the wrath of GOD THANK YOU.


Source..Nana Kwaku Boateng


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