Ms Juliet Enyonam Agbali, a Nurse and the Adolescent Vocal Spokesperson for Odododiodoo Sub-Metro, has urged adolescents to think through whatever they engage themselves in before making decisions as it could make or unmake their future.

She said it was important as teenage pregnancy as well as school dropout was on the increase in the community.


Ms Agbali was speaking at a health fair and games event organised by the Centre for Community Studies and Development (CENCOSAD) for adolescents especially girls in the Odododiodoo Constituency to educate them in the community on their Sexual and Reproductive health.

She said due the rate at which adolescents are engaging in unprotected sex, some of them reported to the hospital with sexually transmitted diseases and in some cases HIV and AIDS which was worrying.

The Nurse said there was the need for more sex education on consistent basis to be able to drive home the desired change and advised the youth to minimise the rate at which they consumed alcohol and utilised their time.

The event organised in partnership with UNFPA and Alliance and Reproductive Health Rights (ARHR) was to empower out- of-school adolescents through the provision of Comprehensive Sexuality Education (CSE), Sexual and Gender Based Violence (SGDV) aimed at undertaking contraceptive demand generation activities to promote girls’ access to CSE and SRH services.

The girls aside the sporting activities which included football competition, draft competition, lime and spoon, Ludo, essay and poetry recitals, dancing competitions, educational video and film shows among others were also educated on HIV and AIDS and other sexually transmitted diseases.

Ms Fuseina Mohammed, CENCOSAD Acting Executive Director, speaking at the event, advised adolescents not to engage in pre-marital sex, adding that in situations where they could not abstain, then they should use condoms.

She said if adolescents were able to protect themselves they could save themselves from sexually transmitted diseases and called on parents to be responsible by educating their children on their reproductive health, personal hygiene, menstruation and pregnancy issues to change the situation in the community.

CENCOSAD is an NGO established in 1977 and seeks to come out with strategies, centred on empowering and enabling communities and individuals to realise their own development through an integrated approach of self-organisation, participatory action-research and evaluation, training, networking and resource mobilisation.


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