Ministers of Justice and Finance assure that the report on the House of Representatives’ fuel subsidy probe would be implemented

Minister of Justice, Mohammed Adoke

The Attorney General and Minister of Justice, Mohammed Bello Adoke has assured Nigerians that the federal government would act on the recommendations of the House of Representatives’ report on the controversial fuel subsidy scheme, which was characterised by fraud.

Adoke in a statement released yesterday however urged those pressuring government to prosecute those indicted to exercise patience so that a water tight case can be built after proper investigations would have been conducted. 

NOI pledges same

In another event, the Coordinating Minister for the Economy and Minister of Finance, Ngozi Okonjo-Iweala added a voice of assurance to the hope of implementing the fuel subsidy probe report saying that severe punishment will be meted on those indicted by the House of Representatives report on fuel subsidy in order to tame the current trend of impunity in the country.

“There should be no impunity. At the beginning we talked about smuggling of fuel from Nigeria borders whichis all part of the problems. The House of Representatives report has not gotten to us and when we finally get it, we will act on it,” she said during a ministerial press briefing to mark President Jonathan’s one year in office at Abuja.

Mrs. Iweala, who gave an account of her stewardship since her assumption of office last August, told reporters that apart from the National Assembly probe into the oil sector, the Ministry of Finance had gone through a self cleansing process initiative ordered by the President.

This process, according to her led to the sacking of the auditors engaged by the ministry.

The minister defended the federal government’s inability to promptly pay civil servants on time, saying it was due to efforts to check ghost workers which has so far saved government about N14 million.

She also informed that  an integrated payment platform for all federal government agencies has been developed but that it was being delayed due to technical hitches.

“Sometime, some people get their salaries and some don’t’ when fully operational, we will overcome such delays,” she said.

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