Adele will finally release her long-awaited new album “25” this Friday, November 20. However, three days ahead of the official date, some fans have reportedly grabbed their copies of the record with plans to leak it online.

One fan who goes by @HausofFrancis on Twitter posted on the social media a photo of her holding a physical copy of “25” which she said she bought at Target. “Just copped that new Adele album at Target,” she wrote on Tuesday, November 17. “Retweet if you want me to leak it.”

Reacting to reports that the album might come sooner than expected, other fans took to Twitter to voice their opinions. Loyal Adele fans of course wanted people to respect the 27-year-old singer by not listening to it until this Friday. Some others, meanwhile, would happily consider the leak as an early Christmas present.

Following claims that “25” was already put on Target’s shelves days before its official release date, a rep for Adele has made it clear to Billboard that “the Target sales are not true.” However, two-minute previews of each song from the project have indeed hit the web. Listen to them .



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