There is no smoke without fire, therefore there must be a reason why Yvonne Okoro’s brand new Mercedes Benz(new C-Class Facelift edition), which she has been spotted driving, is rumoured to have been a gift from Tottenham Hotspurs top striker Emmanuel Adebayor, her alleged lover.

Not long after being linked to the international superstar, Yvonne started to put on weight and then the talks shifted to “oh Adebayor has impregnated Yvonne Okoro…they are about to get married.”

This juicy speculation has continued for several months but has recently become an issue again.

In a rather touching interview, Yvonne almost broke down in tears when NEWS-ONE pushed an audio recorder in her face and asked her to explain the Adebayor connection, including the alleged pregnancy.

“Yes I have put on weight but I don’t think am pregnant. I am not pregnant. I don’t know why people come out with such lies,” Yvonne said, sounding downhearted. At first, I thought it was just a joke. My friends in the United State of America, UK and other countries called to ask me about it.

I told them to stop joking because I heard similar rumours in the media some months back about Yvonne Nelson. Now it is me. They must be joking. It is so so so not true. I am not pregnant. I guess when you see a pregnant woman, you will notice it. I don’t know how long that rumour has been going round but I’m not pregnant.

I know Adebayor but he is just a friend. He is not my man. I’m repeating, he is not my man.”

Yvonne sounded as though the rumours were spoiling something good in her love life. But she would not go there and NEWS-ONE pushed further.

“I like to keep that a secret or probably say no comment. It is up to you to find out whether I’m dating or not. I don’t want to be the one telling you those things about me. You guys think we don’t have private lives, but we also have the right to think they way we want to think. So I reserve that right,” Yvonne added.

The beautiful actress has been in the news in recent times for various reasons. But the juicy one which got public attention was her outfit at the last African Movie Academy Awards. The dress gave a broader view of her boobs which got many, especially African men, talking.


Source : NewsOne


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