Ade Coker
Ade Coker

Ade-CokerA former Municipal Chief Executive of the Ledzokuku Krowor Constituency(LEKMA), Daniel Amartey has accused the Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the National Democratic Congress(NDC), Ade Coker of negligence and incompetence.

According to Mr. Amartey, the series of court injunctions placed on a number of the party?s constituency elections in the Greater Accra region is as a result of Ade Coker?s failure to abide by the laid down rules.

?When you are leading a political party, you play by the rules governing the game. Parties set out guidelines for election purposes and you are supposed to follow it. You don?t go there to set up yours??

? You[Ade Coker] write letters of disqualification to people without stating reasons? and you think people will be happy celebrating it when you disqualify them, when you serve them letters a day to the elections? where they will not have an opportunity to seek redress, you expect them to celebrate it?,? he fumed.

An Accra Fast High Court?restrained the two constituencies? of the party: the Ningo Constituency and the Greater Accra Regional Executive Committee, from holding its elections on September 8.

The court injunctions also?reflect ?the people?s dissatisfaction against Ade Coker?s performance as chairman,? he said.

Out of the about 15 successful constituency elections, thirteen incumbent chairpersons have been ?booted out.?

The Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the NDC, Ade Coker described the decision some of the court cases unnecessary,??frivolous? and ?vexatious.?-

Coker was few years ago alleged to have engaged in fraudulent deals at the Sports Ministry leading to the use of cheap materials for the construction of Accra stadium.



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