New PictureA leading Member of the National Democratic Congress NDC, Stephen Akwetey who is preparing assiduously to contest for the Regional Chairmanship position ?in Greater Accra is criticizing?? Ade Coker for been ignorant towards the an ongoing registration Exercise.

He said the regional chairman does not believes in the party?s philosophy ,and ?has therefore lost focus on the decision to enable the party actively participate and effectively monitor the on-going Electoral Commission’s national supplementary registration exercise which actively determines? to convey glory back to the party in the forthcoming election.

Stephen Akwetey disclosed with evidence based on the party inability to provide food and other amenities to members at the registration centers.

He said this to declare his intention to contest as chairman of NDC with vision of reviving righteousness for greater Works, political powers not meant for corruptible practice but for positive development, the choice of the people for the NCD and Re-connect with the grassroots, the base of policy ?and Economic power.

The decision of the for Stephen to come ?after months of considering proposals from some party bigwigs and youth groups within the NDC, urging him to contest the chairmanship position as the party prepares for the 2016 general elections.

Everybody in our party knows that there is some level o despondency at the grassroots level because, maybe expectations from their leaders are not being met the way they would have thought it will be, and this feeling I believe is coming because of the disconnect,?he disclosed to the reporter.

He says he confront the problem ?frontally by reorganizing and revitalizing the structures of the party so that from the branch level to the constituency level, there is an organic length between them and the national leadership of the party whereby we can constantly keep the membership of our party informed about developments in Government and party leadership.?

He therefore call on delegates? to elect qualifies, dedicated and as well committed candidate to stair the affairs of the party and a person who can accommodate issues that has the tendency to destroy the party.

?I will step in soon to contest incumbent Ade Coker and others as preparation is underway to launch my campaign, and also joins the race because this is the time to bring back the vision of the party and people like myself have the component to revive the party mostly with grassroots who after voting are been left out by party executives. ?He Stressed.

By Anita Frimpong


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