Ade CokerBy: Abdulai Seidu

The protest by the Greater Accra Regional Chairman (NDC), upon the President?s decision to dismiss some MMDCEs is most premature and an unfortunate intervention. The outburst and the anger expressed by the Regional Chairman and the suggestion that the President did not consult him is quite baffling and one wonders why he will arrogate himself such powers. Meanwhile he failed to tell us the reasons for the unnecessary and blatant disregard to the President?s decision but descended into the arena of triviality and tribal bigotry.

For the Regional Chairman to suggest that the former Chief Executive of TMA(Kempes Ofosu-Ware) was not maintained or re-nominated because he is not a Ga is the most reckless and bizarre commentary I have heard in recent times. It was an open secret that he wanted the former TMA boss retained, so one can understand his disappointment and frustration, but to attempt to stoke tribal sentiments and set the Ga people against the non-Gas in the region is most unfortunate.

This posturing betrays his commitment to party unity as a leader. Even if tribal connotation is being advanced by some people as he claims, it?s only rational to assume that any fair minded leader will take steps to address it than to take the position of a ?foot soldier? and show gross disrespect to the President.

The NDC by its deeds has demonstrated amply, its desire to embrace all manner of persons irrespective of one?s background and indeed, that has been the philosophical underpinning of the party. The NDC is not a tribal party as Ade Coker seem to suggest. In fact, the current composition of the Regional Executives further confirms that. The Chairman therefore cannot pretend to be oblivious of this glaring fact.

If the Gas are tribal as he seems to suggest, how come he did not accuse them of same in 2009 when he wanted to contest for the Regional Chairmanship, how come the former TMA boss had overwhelming support from the Ga community in 2009. It is quite startling for the Regional Chairman to assume this selective posturing and create the impression as if Ga people are xenophobic and do not have the right to lobby for the position because in his view the region has become cosmopolitan.

Ade Coker in 2009 vied for the Regional Chairmanship position and won against the then incumbent, Danny Annan who is a Ga. We did not hear him make the kind of wild allegations he is making today. The display of feeblemindedness by the Greater Accra Regional Chairman of the NDC is most unfortunate and must not be tolerated. His action can only subject the NDC into public ridicule and he ought to know better. I would be extremely shocked if the President and the National Chairman do not call him to order, especially as he has become a pocket Hercules in the Region.

The recent comments by him (Ade Coker) can only come from a disappointed ignoramus and a self-centred mischievous person and I wonder why he descended into that arena. He has the right to be disappointed and stoke himself in the embers of anguish despondency but, to sound tribal and set the Gas against the non-Gas because of the impending regional conference is most unacceptable.

Instead of the Regional Chairman spending time to tell us why the former TMA boss should be re-nominated, he is busily stultifying himself by contradicting himself by being inconsistent and also crippling the chances of his favourite (Kempes Ofosu-Ware).

The display of arrogance and disrespect to the President by the Regional Chairman has contributed to the already existing agitation in some part of the country which the party is taking steps to address.

The former TMA boss in 2009 was favoured among many Gas who showed interest in the position. This selective and deliberate attempt to bring disaffection between the Gas and the non-Gas must be stopped and the regional chairman must be made to render an unqualified apology to the Ga people because the anticipated repercussions will be uncollectible for the party.

He (the former TMA boss) had the support of some key Ga people in Tema from 2009 and still enjoys that support, and so to suggest that the Gas are against him because he is not a Ga is most unfair. The attempt to rope in a Council of State Member into this absurdity is quite difficult to comprehend, but not surprising though, considering the nescient display of fatuousness by the Regional Chairman. The said Council of State Member has been a member since 2009.

Also, to suggest that the indigenes of Tema are against the re-nomination of the former TMA boss and the open disapproval of the Presidents? decision by the Regional Chairman is a direct accusation and disrespect to the President. The attempt to clinch on tribal and ethnocentrism as a political tool and strategy is the most antiquated and barbaric political mechanism any likeminded politician would want to use.

Instead of him (Ade Coker) spending time to engage the youth physically and mentally for development, promoting tolerance and foster cohesion particularly, in the wake of the rumpus violence that our party is grappling with, he is busily dividing the region politically for his personal drive. It is time for the party to get conspicuously new leadership with a well set out agenda and ready to embrace all irrespective of one?s background.

Meanwhile, I wish to respectfully suggest to the President that the delay in releasing the names of MMDCEs is creating unnecessary tension within the expected areas. The piecemeal style of releasing the names is not helping at all, but rather giving way to needless lobbying. We cannot use a whole year to form a government, particularly so when we are not coming from opposition. Technically, we have less than two years to fulfil the promises we made to the people of Ghana and the time to act is now, Mr President.

Source:?Abdulai Seidu


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