When the whole Adams Apples’ journey started, many wondered how Shirley Frimpong Manso and her Sparrow Production team would be able to tell a story in 10 chapters without excessive dragging, without unnecessary scenes and most importantly, keep the interest, fun and momentum going…

For those who thought it could not be done, they have done it and soon, Chapter 10 of Adams Apples will hit our screens.

Throughout all the fascinating 9 Chapters seen so far, Sparrow Production has kept the ‘sexy, sassy, wahala’ theme intact. There isn’t a single chapter where the fun and fascination were lost. In fact, it got more interesting as the story unfolded with plenty ‘wahala’ poppin’ up here and there.

As we wait for the final Chapter (Chapter 10) which will climax the long but interesting journey into the world of the Adams’ family, let’s look at how the story was told and the creativity behind the developments.

One thing that makes Adams Apples’ outstanding and also alienates the works of Sparrow Production from that of other movie houses is packaging. The branding and creativity that go into all Sparrow Production movies is superb.

After making a movie, the presentation or packaging to a greater extent determines its success on the market.

If you look at all the trailers that came with Adams Apples, the video for the sound track, the official website for the movie, the advertisement banners and Tv commercials, you will see why Sparrow Production stands exceptionally tall among the many movie production houses in Africa, hence, the success of their movies.

Behind all the well branded art work, creativity and outstanding concepts that came with the movie was Ken Attoh who worked tirelessly as the Creative Director of Adams Apples.

As a Creative Director, Ken perfectly made sure the look and feel of the ten chapter movie series ‘Adams Apples’ mirrored all what the Director-Shirley Frimpong Manso had imagined….It is easy to have imagination of how you want things to be, but transporting your imagination into reality is the true work.

Fast behind Ken Attoh to ensure that perfection was achieved as far as the packaging. presentation and branding of Adams Apples’ is concern were David Narh (Art Director), Godfred Grant (Head of 3D and Animation), Ivan Ayitey (Graphic and Sound Design) and Andrew Nyakpo (Web Developer).

The Sound Track & Video

A conventional hallmark of  Shirley Frimpong Manso and her Sparrow Production’s movies is their accompanying classy music videos.

Adams Apples kick started with a well defined music video which correctly reflected the “Sexy Sassy, Wahala” theme.  Apart from the indisputable sweet voice of the musician they used (Efya), the video was a world class standard.

The Casts

The cast of the movie include: Yvone Okoro, Jocelyn Dumas, Naa Ashorkor Mensah-Doku, Anima Misa Amoah, Ajetey Anang, John Dumelo, KSM and many new exciting faces.

Majid Michel, Roselyn Ngissah and other talented Actors made appearances as the story caught more fire.

Costume & Location

One can overlook and miss a lot of things in life, but when it comes to Adams Apples, the perfect African prints and the magnificent locations that were colourfully displayed throughout the movie cannot be missed or ignored. A lot went into this part of the production-something Shirley Frimpong Manso always get RIGHT.

A Quick Recap Of How The Story Developed…

It started with Chapter 1 ‘The Family Ties’ which introduced us to the Adams family and their ‘wahala’  but interesting way of life.

Chapter 2 ‘The Twisted Connections’  also brought us extra ‘wahala’ with Jennifer trying to conclude a house sale with her new young client and things taking a dramatic turn, spiralling events out of control and deepening already strained relations with her secretary.

Chapter 3 ‘The Musical Chairs’ came in with hell breaking “loose when the Adams’ sisters caught their mum and the unassuming Screening locations and times teacher-Albert together at a hotel.

With Chapter 4 ‘Torn’ the story became very interesting with unbelievable scandals and more ‘wahala’ as ‘five different people dash marathon-style towards an emergency room, one after the other, to open up a new chapter in the busy lives of the Adams.

Then came Chapter 5 ‘Duplicity’ which answered the question; ‘So what do you think of the Adams?’

Chapter 6 brought us ‘New beginnings?’ something Ivy preferred– she made up her mind that it will be better for her boyfriend’s old memories to stay buried while they create new ones together.

In Chapter 7-Confessions, friends and Enemies were forced to eat together at Michele’s dinner whiles she tried desperately to avoid her boyfriend’s mother.

Chapter 8-Fight Or Flight gave Michelle the opportunity to hear the truth behind Albert’s cold attitude after three days and thirteen missed calls.

In Chapter 9- ‘Rescue Mission’  “The Adams women pack their wishes, worries and wahala and take us on a 3,175 mile first-class journey around the globe to save the missing-in-action Jennifer. But before that, there is still plenty palaver to take care of at home.

In this penultimate chapter, one woman’s downfall will lead to a voyage of discovery, reunion and an astonishing revelation that will remind all that the story is not yet over.”

Chapter 10– Coming in few days

‘Adams Apples’ is written and directed by Shirley Frimpong Manso and produced by Ken Attoh.


’Adams Apples’  is proudly  sponsored by MTN, Gandour Cosmetics, Virgin Atlantic and GTP New Style.

For more info visit www.adamsapplesmovie.com .

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