If it is true the deceased mentioned names before he died, it means he actually saw them and if indeed the deceased saw the assailant, his shouts after the attack would have been the names of these guys as he wailed and not revealed in secrecy as alleged by his aide.

Adam Mahama
Adam Mahama

The man was attacked at a distance from his house and he was able to drive home shouting. It is reported also that neighbours came around to help convey him to the hospital. None of the residents around has confirmed the man mentioned any suspects? name.

The deceased knew the suspect (Afoko?s brother) as an arch enemy so will he stop his car at midnight and roll his window down for him? What on earth will make him do that? Common sense wouldn?t allow him do that.

Will the deceased stop his car to listen to strangers at that midnight especially as a Nasara person claims he cautioned him of imminent danger 24hrs before the attack? Hell No.

Afoko?s brother should not be so dumb to think that any disaster befalling the deceased will not be blamed on his brother to even think about carrying out that act. He would not do that and even will advise anyone planning it not to dare it.

Afoko?s brother is not so dumb to have poured acid on the deceased and knowing that he was conscious till the following day would still remain in Bolga to be arrested to be arrested. This is just too stupid to think of.

Who is likely to have done that?

The deceased either knew those who stopped him as his faction members or did not see them which is very unlikely because he would not trust any strangers stopping him at that time of the night after all the alleged cautioning and security issues prevailing.

It is very likely than not that those who are quick to accuse Afoko, his brother and those who claim the deceased spoke to them are behind the act.

It is very likely the current call on Afoko and Agyepong to resign is to divert attention of the public or to influence the work of the police.

It is very likely the assailants were detailed to harm the deceased so Afoko and co will be in trouble. The death could have been accidental and now they are hot.

Let Afoko and Kwabena be!!

Source:?Ouaris Ibn Abdulai


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