Acute Water Shortage Hits Mampelingo

The Mampelliga community in Pwalugu in the Upper East Region over the past two years has not seen water flow through their stand pipes.

The continuous struggle by women and girls in the area -leading them to walk several kilometres in search for water, has become a worry to the people.

The entire community has to undertake long distances to search for water whilst the aged and children create dugouts close by animal drinking points for water to meet their daily needs.

Madam Akwuoma Akansoba, 70, whom the GNA met fetching water at a dugout close to her house, said the challenge was worrying because it has affected the total development of the community.
“Some- women and children- come here to dig for water because we have no other place to go for water”, she said.

Responding to questions on how the water is prepared for their consumption at home, she said “when I send it home, I boil it and allow it to cool, for the family to use for drinking and for cooking.

“Though we have boreholes in the community, water does not flow through them and the community cannot wait any longer”, Madam Akasoba said.

Mr Ayinisigna Ageboba and his colleagues who drive tricycles to supply homes and traders in the area with water, said they charge between GHC 7 and GHC 10 for a drum of water they fetch from Balungu, their closest neighbouring community.

The only well which supplies the township of Pwalugu is also gone dry due to over dependence on it and according to the drivers they have to leave home early- about 0400 hrs to go to get water due to the long queues formed each day, Mr Ageboba said.

Mr Alosibah Azam, Assemblyman for the Pwalugu Electoral Area, who expressed similar worry on the perennial water challenge in the area, said the area has challenges with the water table and though some well-meaning non- governmental agencies have supplied boreholes to the area, water does not flow through them.

Mr Azam said the water situation in the area has protracted for too long and though the concern had been reported to the Assembly for action, no positive response came out of our reports.


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