Ebube Nwagbo

Sometime ago, Nollywood media claimed that actresses Ebube Nwagbo and Anita Joseph does not see eye to eye, after their fallout 4 years ago.

But latest reports say they have decided to settle their differences and continue with their lives.

The two talented actresses cum singers were best friends until 4 years ago when they fell by each other.

Onlinenigeria.com sources said Ebube was alleged to dating KC before Anita came into the picture and started a romance with the singer ended their friendship.

Two went as far as challenging each other and subsequently made headlines at the time.

Recently, during one of his interviews, controversial Anita openly apologized to Ebube.

The fact that a lot of people, was a small apology but Anita has apparently sending various apologized text messages to Ebube and even went as far as user Ebubes picture on her Blackberry phone on the Ebubes birthday a few days ago.

She wrote, even under the “HBD Ebube poshy, Kiss, God takes you places. LLNP, you are blessed. “

Turn of events had, according to the website, generated a lot of stories in Nollywood, as many chided Anita to apologize first.

In the meantime, other praise her for her bold act of apologizing.

People close to Anita, however, claimed her action was carried out of her new lifestyle to be a born again Christian.

The source said she was doing everything she could to resolve any differences she had with anyone.

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