After 35 years of concealing a sometimes-debilitating health struggle, actress Mary Steenburgen speaks to?Closer Weekly?about her decades-long struggle with anxiety and her deep fear of being in large crowds.??I?m okay with this ? but if we were all together in a little room I would have to be near the door,? Mary confesses in the new issue.


Fortunately, Mary doesn?t have to look far for her lifeline. ?I have certain little tricks I use on myself, some deep breathing stuff I do,? she shares with the mag. ?And if that doesn?t work, I sort of clutch my husband?s hand and say, ?Get me out of here!?? Her husband, Ted Danson, has kept a protective watch over his wife during the couple?s 18-year marriage. ?Sometimes it works, and sometimes it doesn?t.?

But Ted, 65, tells?Closer?that?most of the time, Mary can handle the pressure. ?If she has a function, like she?s the host of something, or has a role [to play], she?s better,? he explains. It?s only when there are a lot of people making small talk in a confined space that Mary, 60, starts to panic. ?She wants to head for the hills!? Ted reveals.

And no matter what the duo may face, they know they?re better off facing it with each other. ?Pretty much every day of our marriage is romantic,? Mary boasts to?Closer.




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