ivyHundreds of children could soon have the chance to get a decent education in the heart of their community thanks to renowned actress, Ivy Enyonam Adjimah. Ivy, famous for her not-gentle, hot-tempered, not-diplomatic character in movies, plans to open a school for pupils in Adakpo in the North Tongu District of the Volta Region. Even though she hails from the ?Mafi Traditional Area, Hohoe to be precise, she feels her kind gesture is as part of a program to educate children and give back to society as a whole.
Ivy is a single mum of two adorable children. She has featured in several TV series including Omanbapa, Grey Hair, Muddy Places, Pillars of Strength, Taxi Driver, Kutokwaraba, among others. She starred in movies Dark Sands and Kiss Your Wife as well as several TV commercials.
Ivy started acting when she was a student at O.L.A Senior High School, Ho in the beautiful Volta region. She later joined David Dontoh?s drama group (Kozi Kozi) where she performed in several stage plays including the hit drama “A song of a goat” and “Graveyard people”.
Ivy holds a Bachelors? Degree in Publishing Studies from KNUST and a Masters? Degree in Economic Policy Management, University of Ghana. She?s a full time banker. ”Education is not a luxury, it is a right everyone should have,” Ivy told reporters.
Local schools in the Adakpo area are run-down, overcrowded and lacking basic facilities. Many residents hope Ivy’s new project will change the situation. The school building is currently at the window level and much more effort is being put into the project from funds she raised herself. Her Foundation says the new school will initially house hundreds of pupils when it opens on her birthday in mid-2015.
Standing near the school site, Ivy Adjimah, said, ”The only thing I want to leave my kids is a good education.”
By: X?treme,?hypegh.com


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