Young actress, Victoria Adinokuor Aryee has made a passionate call on government to focus more on investing and developing theatre arts to churn out better actors and actresses for the country.

According to her, the Theatre Arts department of the University of Ghana lacked the requisite facilities to adequately train would-be actors and actresses in the country.

Victoria, who played the role of Cynthia in Uncle Ebo Whyte?s latest play, Don?t Mess With A Woman, told in an interview that for government to achieve effective development, it needs to work hand in hand with the theatre industry and take the industry more serious.

She said government should ?invest in the theatre arts as an academic field, develop the interest better, and give us what we need to make better actresses and actors. Put some more attention on the academic aspect of it; put some attention to training better actresses and actors.?

Victoria lamented that, ?When you get into the Theatre Department [of the University of Ghana], you realize that we don?t have the resources,? to achieve that goal.

?Theatre for development,? she explained, is an effective tool of development because, it ?moves into a community, stays with them, works with them, talks to them and educate them through theatre because it is proven that when you participate in something you learn better.?

Victoria stressed that, ?you get more results when you bring [development] to them [through theatre] but if you meet a group people, you decide what they want for them and you dish out to them, they rebel.?

Don?t Mess With A Woman!

Don?t Mess With A Woman answers the key question of what you will do when your best friend steals your man? But for Naa, that is a simple matter ? just steal her wedding. And how do you steal a woman?s wedding? This is the story told with wit and humor in Uncle Ebo Whyte?s latest masterpiece.

Uncle Ebo Whyte told that aside the entertainment, the play holds key insights into life that are vital to one development.

?It will give you insights into life, because that is, every play of ours will give you an insight into life so that some choices you could be making today that could affect you, that could cost you so much just by investing to come and watch the show, you are spared making those mistakes.?

The play takes centre stage on Saturday, September 8 and Sunday, September 9 at the National Theater. It will show at 4pm and 8pm each day.

Ghana | | Ernest Dela Aglanu


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