Vicky Zugah At Ghana Movie Awards Nominees Party

Vicky Zugah At Ghana Movie Awards Nominees Party

GhanaCelebrities.Com loves African movies especially the made in Ghana ones…We promote and bring to you most of the great movies which come out of the continent.

Our love for movies extend to those great Actors and Actress, but not every actor or actress we see has the ability or talent to mount stages with likes of Genevieve Nnaji ( You should by now know why I am mentioning Gen).

Most of the people who call themselves Actors or Actresses on our screens just look pretty and recite lines…Some of them even sound like they are  loudly reading newspapers in the dark…I mean struggling to read chinese newspaper in the dark…

Despite their no-acting skill or talent, we buy their movies, cheer them up and still support them…After all they are the only ones we got right? (Thought I believe some acting lessons would be great for some of them, we will still love them and watch their movies if they do not…LOL),

The handsome, pretty and sexy ones have blinded us with their appearances to the extent that, we even forget they can’t act…

Which Actor or Actress do you love even though he/she can’t act?

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