Actionplus Foundation a non-governmental organisation, has acquired a six -acre land at Odumse near Dodowa in Accra to build a state of the art Empowerment Centre.

The project forms part of plans to help alleviate poverty from the Ghanaian community.

Actionplus Foundation is a charity organisation opened in London in 1997 and Ghana this year.

The centre aims at training women through capacity building to empower them with requisite skills to enable them acquire useful experience to help sustain their lives.

Speaking to the Ghana News Agency, Reverend Fred Annin, the Founder of Actionplus Foundation said plans were far advanced to run the centre effectively and efficiently through a well-designed and structured module of programmes.

Reverend Annin said the key to help these women become independent was to roll out microfinance scheme to support the trained women with financing to enable them become independent and also work on their own after acquiring the necessary training from the centre.

He said part of the land secured would be used for fruit cultivation particularly mangoes because the area was best known for cultivating the crop.

He said a processing plant would be established to help in processing the mangoes into juices.

He said the centre would have a modern health facility with new technology to help cater for HIV and AIDS patients and also offer them with counselling services.

The project would commence after the commemoration of the 10th Anniversary of Action plus Foundation in October.

As part of series of activities to commemorate the anniversary, Actionplus Foundation officially opened Action Life Chapel International, with the aim of propagating the gospel to help impact the lives of the people backsliding in Ghana.