ActionAidActionAid Ghana, understanding the impact of tax dodging in Ghana, is launching a Tax Justice Campaign today as the start to a series of activities campaigning for tax justice — ?Progressive Tax, Progressively Spent?.

The campaign will advocate for a progressive taxation regime wherein those who earn more income pay more taxes in accordance with the benefits they enjoy, as well as demanding that Government use the revenue received to provide quality essential services to the people of Ghana — especially for those struggling with poverty.

ActionAid Ghana will undertake the Tax Justice Campaign with various stakeholders and actors.

ActionAid believes human rights of the citizens are not limited to political and legal rights, but that equally critical are the economic rights of citizens.

Government has the duty to provide jobs and resources that economically empower its citizens. However, without adequate tax revenue Government will not be able to fulfil these fundamental rights of its people. Indeed, any tax-planning scheme that undermines progressive taxation and adequate mobilisation of tax revenue would be counter-productive.


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