Army recruits
Army recruits

He said the actions of the recruits could be likened to mutiny and shows their unpreparedness to defend the country and added that every soldier went through a process of tough training, and that makes them formidable when they are called to duty.

Army recruits
Army recruits

“We all have been trained in that rigorous condition, without being trained in that rigorous condition, we can’t defend the state; and remember we have taken an oath to defend the state by air, sea and land, and that is how you can get a secure nation with soldiers who are ready to defend the state at any time,” he stressed.

Colonel E. Aggrey-Quarshie Director, Public Relations of the Ghana Armed Forces (GAF), in a statement said the trainees embarked on an “unauthorised assembly” on 3rd December to register their displeasure about “strenuous” exercises they feel was a form of “maltreatment” being meted out to them.

According to him, the implications of the recruits’ behaviour are far-reaching and inimical to the security of the state.

However, Dr. Akotia, who was speaking on Joy FM Super Morning Show said that such behaviour exhibited by the recruits must not be tolerated because a similar situation contributed to the conflict in Liberia few years ago.

“Out of these untrained and uneducated recruits emerged the organisers of the 1980 coup that eventually led Liberia into the conflict.”

He averred that this is a situation that can be created if the country allows its recruits not to be properly trained.



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