Market women and Saturday shoppers at the Agbogbloshie market in the Odododiodio constituency of the Greater Accra Region were shocked to the marrow when a PPP team led by its Vice Presidential aspirant, Ms. Eva Naa Merley Lokko, defied the heavy downpour in the city and completely cleaned the market.

?In fact, I am now witnessing the true meaning of the old adage that action speaks louder than words?she [Eva] and the party are living up to the Edwumawura slogan they have been touting?,?45 year Old vegetable seller, Mercy Kyerewaah told this reporter after the clean-up exercise.

The market women expressed joy at the event and hoped other political parties would learn from it since according to them, no political party or group had even ?dared? to clean the market since its completion some decades ago.

?When they arrived, we thought they were going to clean the Makola No 2 Market which is much tidier than here, but here they are, doing the poor ones in this muddy environment a favour?,? a cabbage seller, Irene Adolley said.

To Saturday shoppers and visitors to the market, it was strange to see how ?a woman in that capacity? would stoop so low and together with members of the PPP in the Odododiodio constituency clean up the filthy market.

?I am just shocked at what I am seeing here, I thought the spirit of patriotism had departed from Ghanaians years ago, but what I have seen shows that the PPP would bring back self-discipline when elected to power?,? a fifty year old Margaret Yaa Tiwaah, who had come to shop, told this reporter.

Her admiration, she said stemmed from how the Engineer and former Director of Ghana Broadcasting Corporation (GBC), Ms. Lokko defied the rains and resisted all persuasions to clean up the filthy market which all other political parties had failed to do.

With shovels, brooms, cutlasses and wheel barrows, the PPP team amidst singing and dancing, convincingly cleaned the market complex to the appreciation of the market women.

They swept and desilted gutters that had been choked by rubber bags and gathered for collection by a Zoomlion truck weeks and month old filth from the market.

The team which had started the clean up some thirty minutes before the clouds gathered to unleash its contents were expected to quit the exercise with the commencement of the downpour, but continued incessantly throughout the about two-hour downpour in the city.

While sellers and buyers alike run to the nearest shelters for protection from the mid-morning rains, the cleanup team happily swept the market and carried away filth on sight.

Though very wet Ms. Lokko and the Women?s Leader of the party, Ms. Belinda Bulley, who led the team, continued to the vegetable section of the market after the rains and tidied up that part of the market as well.

They gathered and disposed of all rotten cabbages and other vegetable; they collected for disposal refuse from there and opened up drainages for passage by stagnant waters in that part of the market.

Try as they did however, polythene and other plastic bags had choked the drains, hence all attempts to stop flooding of certain parts of the market proved futile.

?As you can see, we are trying to push the water over into the drains, but they have been choked, thus making it difficult for anything to pass through the gutter?,? youthful Baba Sumaila complained.

Ms Lokko therefore advised the market women to help tidy up the popular Yam market in the city and desist from dumping unto the streets or the drains.

?If we don?t stop this habit, the city would continually be flooded anytime it rains, so I am appealing to all Ghanaians to learn to properly disposed of refuse and make use of bins instead of throwing them about on the streets,? she said.

The PPP delegation which included special aide to the Vice Presidential aspirant, Mr. Jojo Grant, and the party?s parliamentary aspirant for Odododiodio, Mr. Emanuel Nii Oddoye, earlier called on the leadership of the market and appealed to them for their support and blessings for the December polls.

Ms Lokko who introduced the parliamentary aspirant to the leadership also promised the elders that a PPP administration would see to the renovation and expansion of the market complex built under the Limann administration.

?We encourage you to work hard and never think of the crowd as people do, but continue with the door-to-door campaign and that would earn dividends by December,? the elders said.



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