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The Electoral Commission (EC) must stop hiding behind social network sites such as Facebook and offer Ghanaians proper explanation to the tampering of ballot papers and missing election materials in the regions.

We condemn this arrogant posture and myopic attitude adapted to frustrate the citizenry with less than 10 days to the elections.

The EC has a moral obligation to acquaint the political parties about such events on the field of work whilst distributing electoral materials by using appropriate and formal channels.
Ghanaians want violent free elections during and after; there, it will be negligent and wrong for the EC to stop liaising with the stakeholders at these crucial times.

COYLIB understand these occurrences can be blown out of context but it’s prudent for the EC to engage the political bodies which can go on a long way to reduce the heighten tensions in the country.

We further acknowledge the difficulties by the EC officials but such irresponsible postings on the social media put the entire electoral commission machinery in danger. The electorates can take advantage and vent their displeasure if the vote seems not to go their own ways.

We calling on the EC to note, that; their actions and inactions must reflect on the electorates, and sources of information in their reportage must be impartial, accurate, and balanced.
COALITION OF YOUNG LIBERALS (COYLIB) will urge the leadership to conduct free and accepted election and not allow their characters and reasoning to cloud behind legitimate concerns.


Samuel O Donkor (Convener of the COYLIB — +44 07984401983)
Ofori Atta (Leading member, 0547393657)
Nana Ansah Oborfour (Leading Member, 07411461007)
George Adjei (Leading member, 0249582964)
Asafo Adjei (Leading Member, 0249655353)
Isaac Ennin (Leading member, 0242323355)
Issah Ayumah (Leading Member, 07930963560)

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