Achimota ABC overpass
Achimota ABC overpass

Most Pedestrians have ignored using the footbridge mounted at the Achimota ABC area across the highway and dangerously walk across the road endangering themselves and other road users.

The footbridge, mounted at a strategic location to aid Pedestrians movement from one end of the highway road to the other is now a “white elephant.”

Scores of disobedient road users told the Ghana News Agency that “it is just a matter of convenience and fast to carefully run across the road instead of using the overpass”.

Mr Emmanuel Damiah, a security guard at the Goldman Capital Bank, Achimota ABC told the GNA that quite a number of people had been knocked down by vehicles in their attempt to run through instead of using the overpass.

“It is strange and difficult to understand why people risked walking through high speeding highway instead of using the safe overpass,” he said.

Mr. Richmond Acquah called for public education; ” If government can first of all educate the public on the uses of the footbridge and also place patrols at the ends of the overheads to arrest offenders, I think it will help”.

He told the GNA that, “the concept of footbridge seems to be new to some people, they prefer the old way of just crossing the road at any convenient spot. To most people footbridges restricts the point of crossing the road.

“We therefore need relentless public education for pedestrians to appreciate and observe highway safety measures”.

The distance from the footbridges to the bus stops is one of the major reasons why pedestrians ignore and rather cross the road directly across the bus stops, posing danger to them, especially school children, who also try to cross the highway without using the footbridge.

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