Mohammed Amin Adams

80 percent of managerial positions in the upstream oil sector will soon be occupied by Ghanaians.

90 percent of the technical staff of the oil companies will also be Ghanaians.

These are provisions in the Local Content and Participation Bill expected to achieve 90 percent local content within a decade.

The bill is also expected to increase the level of training provided for staff employers and facilitate the transfer of managerial expertise.

Some analysts say the bill seeks to drive the development of local capacity in the budding oil and gas sector currently dominated by foreign nationals.

Executive Director for the Africa Center for Energy Policy, Mohammed Amin Adams commended government for putting Ghanaians ahead with respect to the policy.

?I think that it is good because it will to a large extent control fronting whereby certain local companies will front for international or foreign companies in order to enjoy the benefits reserved for Ghanaians in the oil and gas industry.?



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