The Director of Monitoring and Evaluation, Dr. Tony Aidoo, has stated that people living in cities are well-off and that they have been provided with every amenity.

Dr. Tony Aidoo
Dr. Tony Aidoo

According to him, the people who live in cities should not be polled to find out how the government is doing because them well-off with every amenity.

?If you want to test the ?Better Ghana? do not do it in the cities, go to the rural areas, where people who have never had electricity or water are getting their supply. That is where you would get an accurate representation of the ?Better Ghana?,? Dr. Tony Aidoo has said.

The Director of Monitoring and Evaluation at the Castle was speaking on Okay FFM in Accra on Wednesday on a challenge thrown by the opposition New Patriotic Party (NPP) that conditions in the nation had deteriorated.

He was also reacting to constant prodding by Nana Akomea, the Director of Communications of the NPP, to the radio station to conduct a poll of people passing by on the street to establish whether or not life had improved under the current administration.

This suggestion did not sit down well with Dr. Aidoo, who insisted that a poll of people in the cities, particularly Accra, would not present an accurate representation of life in Ghana. Ironically, whilst ion one breathe he spoke about the suffering of the people within the cities, in another breathe he said that the people in the cities were already well off with every amenity, and that it is those in the rural areas, who do not have such amenities but have recently been provided with same, who can speak on authority on the ?Better Ghana?.

Source: Daily Searchlight Newspaper


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