… Described as one of the best cities in the world

By: Prosper Agbenyega

AccraA UN report released on Accra has indicated and described the city as one of the best cities in the World. This was linked to the many initiatives undertaken by the Accra Metropolitan Assembly (AMA) headed by Mr. Alfred Oko Vanderpuije, in the areas of sanitation.

This development according to the Mayor is indeed inspiring, adding that “Accra is now considered cleaner and better, by the report.”


The Mayor was interacting with residents to brief them on activities of AMA, their achievements and future plans as far as the Millennium City Project is concern.

He mentioned that, the Assembly is doing all things possible to meet their policy aspirations. Mr Vanderpuije said AMA has been engaging with waste management companies like Zoomlion, in helping to improve waste management in the Metropolis towards improved sanitation. This he noted has gone a long way in making the city clean of filth.

He also noted that more than 2,200 tonnes of refuse was generated in the Metropolis daily, but being properly managed with the introduction of a new system which allowed the residents to pay for the refuse generated.

According to Mr Vanderpuije, more modern scientific methods of waste disposal are now being implemented and by the end of May this year, the Mallam and Anyaa Landfill sites which used to serve as refuse dumps would be closed and moved to a more appropriate place for the refuse to be recycled.

Commenting on the famous “Lavender Hill” at Korle Gonno where liquid waste were disposed off, he announced that by June this year, conditions there would be a thing of the past, explaining that “People will be stopped from dumping liquid waste into the sea at that point and rather dump them at a new liquid waste plant being built at East Legon.”

He explained that in pursuant of the “Better Ghana” agenda, AMA had abolished in the Metropolis, the age long shift system in education that allowed about 70 pupils in a class for four hours, now reduced to a small number of pupils in a class.

“More classrooms and furniture are being provided for schools, while health facilities, particularly the polyclinics were being expanded in the Metropolis,” he said.

Mr Vanderpuije also averred that, all activities and programmes undertaken by AMA during the past three years were to improve the living standards of the residents as well as the demolition of unauthorised structures on waterways, to construct better drains removal of street hawkers for the safety of residents from pickpockets and other miscreants.

On street hawking, the Accra Mayor asked the hawkers not to risk their lives since there was more value to life and urged them not to risk their lives on the streets.

However, he assured traders that the Odorna Market near the Kwame Nkrumah Circle would be opened for night market to enable traders sell their wares instead of trading on the streets during the day, saying “This is due to the persistent appeals from the traders who needed to trade at least in the night to fend for their families.”

The programme was the first in series of programmes being undertaken by the Ministry of Local Government and Rural Development, Radio Gold, an Accra-based FM station in partnership with Third Eye Consult for regional capitals to inform the people about activities of the Metropolitan, Municipal and District Assemblies (MMDAs).


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