New figures released by the Ghana Statistical Service (GSS) show that even though the Accra Metropolis has the smallest land area, it is heavily populated with establishments, followed by the Tema Metropolis.

According to the Integrated Business Establishment Survey (IBES) I, released by the GSS,  a total of 177,152 establishments are distributed over the sixteen districts in the Greater Accra region.  The GSS defined establishments as structures located at a specific place for economic purpose.

“Three notable districts namely; Accra Metropolis, Tema Metropolis and Ga South Municipal have significant numbers of establishments located within them. Among these three districts, though Accra Metropolis has a smaller land area, it has the highest number of establishments of 80,824, representing more than two-fifth which is 45.5% of the total number of establishments in the region,” the Project Coordinator for the report Mr. Anthony Krakah said.

He explained that this was followed by the Tema Metropolis with 17,250 establishments, which has the least land area and also has the country’s main harbour.

However, the Ga South Municipal which has the largest land area among the three districts had a total of 11,810 establishments.


Mr. Krakah stated that even though Shai Osudoku is the district with the largest land area in the region, it had the least number of establishments of 415.

“Sectorally, establishments in the services sector are dominant with 149,512 followed by those in the industry sector with 27,302 and institutional agriculture with 338,” he said.

“A similar distribution pattern is observed at the district level, where about eight out of every ten establishments operate in the services sector. Nearly half of the services sector establishments in the region are located in the Accra Metropolis with 68,333 and almost one-tenth in the Tema Metropolis with 14,545,” he added.

He stated that Ga South Municipal had 10,079 of the services sector establishments while the least number was located in Shai Osudoku district with 345.

He pointed out that out of a total of  27,302 establishments in the industry sector, almost half were located in Accra Metropolis with 12,311, while about one-tenth were  in the Tema Metropolis with 2,655.

He noted that Shai Osudoku district had the least number of establishments of 65 operating within its boundaries.

On the distribution of establishments by type of legal organization, Mr. Krakah indicated that within the region sole proprietorship was 141,963, partnership 12,181, and private limited company by guarantee 17,604).

“In fact, eight out of every ten establishments registered as private limited company by guarantee are located in Accra Metropolis with 11,518 and Tema Metropolis with 2,919.

He observed that the least proportions of sole proprietorship and partnership establishments are in Shai Osudoku with 0.2% each.

“The highest proportion of establishments operating as formal establishments in the region was within the Tema Metropolis with 26.3%. This was  followed by Accra Metropolis with 24.2%, La Dade Kotopon Municipal  with 13.3%, Ledzokuku/Krowor Municipal with 13.0%, Shai Osudoku  with 11.3%) and Adenta Municipal  with 10.2%.

By: Lawrence Segbefia/


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