Alfred Vanderpuije directs traffic
Alfred Vanderpuije directs traffic

Accra’s bearded Mayor Alfred Oko Vanderpuije is back on the streets directing drivers and other road users to ease the traffic jams in Accra’s major streets.

Alfred Vanderpuije directs traffic
Alfred Vanderpuije directs traffic

The traffic jam has become suffocating for all road users ahead of the Christmas celebrations.
Drivers and pedestrians alike have been complaining about the phenomenon with a call on the police to step up their game to help ease the traffic congestion on the road.
To complement the efforts of the police the Accra Mayor on Wednesday headed to Accra’s City centre Makola to direct traffic.

“Go! Come! wait! Let the traffic flow” he shouted while gesturing and receiving approval and praises from the taxi drivers and other road users.

He told Joy FM’s Michaela Anderson he cannot sit in the office in a mist of this suffocating traffic jams.
“I am the head and not the tail.. I lead and the staff follows. I am not the one who sits in the office to receive reports,” he touted, adding “I know the season and i have to support my staff and the police.”‘

This is not the first time Alfred Vanderpuije has directed traffic in Accra’s major streets.
The first time however came with a protest from the Accra Police MTTD Commander ACP Angwubutoge Awuni who thought the Mayor had overstepped his authority.
He said road traffic management must be left for the police and other trained officials.




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