Some residents who were affected by last Wednesday?s flood at the Kwame Nkrumah Circle are calling on benevolent individuals and corporate organizations to provide them with temporal shelters as they work to reconstruct their broken houses.
floodEach night, some pay between 35 and 40 cedis to be accommodated in a housing facility, a situation they say is taking a serious toll on their finances.
Following the incident on Wednesday, several donations and relief items have been distributed to the affected residents but they say they are more concerned about where to sleep and availability of potable water for consumption and domestic cleaning.
One of the beneficiaries of relief items from the Osu Clottey Sub-metro on Thursday indicated that although he had lost almost everything and needed assistance of various materials, priority should be given to the provision of mattresses, blankets and insecticide treated mosquito nets rather than toiletries and rice as being distributed.
?This is not what we should be getting. We need some place to put our heads, blankets or something and especially water. Water is our main problem now? a frustrated beneficiary said.
?They should come to our aid but not like bringing this rice and oil? he added.
Meanwhile officials of the National Disaster Management Organization (NADMO), are calling for more kind support for the affected residents.

By: Jonas Nyabor


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