Accra Brewery Limited has today presented its sponsorship package for the Best reporter in Arts, Entertainment and Domestic Tourism to the Ghana Journalists Association (GJA) at a ceremony at the brewery.

The sponsorship package, valued at about three thousand Ghana cedis (GH?3,000) is comprised of a hundred assorted cases of the company?s products.? These are made up of twenty five (25) cases of Club Premium Lager, ten (10) cases of Stone Strong Lager, ten (10) cases of Castle Milk Stout, thirty five (35) cases of Castle Milk Malt, and twenty (20) cases of Club Minerals.

? The package was presented as the company?s support towards the 2012 GJA Awards, a gesture the company has maintained every year for the past 5 (five) years.

In an address, the Human Resources Director of Accra Brewery Limited, Mr. Akature Ania., who made the presentation said: ?Accra Brewery Limited has always been proud to be associated with helping to achieve excellence in journalism in Ghana, and we are once again happy to support the GJA?s efforts at this.? He added: ?As a beverage manufacturing company, Accra Brewery Limited is actively involved in activities in the area of arts, entertainment and domestic tourism, hence our keen interest in supporting this award.?

Receiving the package, Mr. Affail Monney, Vice President of the GJA, said: ?GJA prides itself in championing excellence in journalism, a value Accra Brewery Shares with the Association.

? It is for this reason that the GJA is happy to receive this package from the company.? He went on to add: ?We are indeed grateful for the generous support always offered by Accra Brewery Limited.?

Accra Brewery Limited is passionate about promoting excellence in journalism, considering the critical role of the media in the promotion of development, democracy, peace and stability in the country — which will also ensure a conducive environment for doing business.

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