A Ghanaian non-governmental organization has carried out a medical screening for 100 people at kotobaabi in Accra. The exercise undertaken by highly qualified medical officers was meant to detect ailments currently rearing their ‘ugly heads’ and spreading fast in Ghana and the third world nations. These include hypertension, diabetes, malaria and other tropical diseases.

The appropriate drugs were dispensed to those who were screened. The organization, Islamic Council for Development and Humanitarian Services (ICODEHS) did the screening after organizing a lecture to a larger audience on how to stay clear from diseases and what to do when they contract diseases.

According to Sheikh Mustapha Ibrahim Chairman of ICODEHS over 40 of
those screened would be assisted to acquire insurance cover to be able to go through medical care cheaply in future.
Sheikh Ibrahim explained that the free medical screening and care is a program began many years ago and funded by ICODEHS as its social responsibility for the less privileged in the country adding that ‘we are ready to repeat the program Periodically not only in Accra but in other parts of the country.

Apart from the medical screening which occurred a few days after eye screening and medication was organized by ICODEHS, some women were provided with deep freezers and sewing machines to help prop them up in their small scale businesses. A number of Wheel chairs were also provided by ICODEHS to some handicapped persons while school uniforms were provided some needy children. ICODEHS which operates in many areas also provided modern mosques to some communities such as Mampawie in the Upper West and Bomsu Zongo in the Western Region and funded by a Saudi charity organization.

By Alhaji Alhasan Abdulai