Nii Kwabena Bonne VI, Chief of Osu Alata and the landlord of the castle in Accra and the people?on Tuesday?marked maiden year’s Homowo festival with the his elders sprinkling its traditional food ‘Kpokpoi’ along the principal streets of Osu and ancestral areas.
The ceremony to hoot at hunger also expected to bring blessings and prosperity to the people for good harvest, marriage and development.
Nii Kwabena V urged the people to unite and contribute to the development of Osu Alata traditional area.
He pointed out that for the first time in 60 years, rituals to the Osu Klottey shrine at the Christianborg Castle was formed.
Nii Bonne V said education should be a priority for the youth as well as sanitation and development of aquaculture to provide employment for the people.

Nii Kwabena Bonne V thank government for his kind gesture support giving the people of Osu Alata and the entire community.
According to him, if any youth from his community found been used by a politician after court verdict come next-week?thursday 29th of August,2013,will meet the elders of the land for punishment.
He later pray for wisdom which was giving to solomon to be giving to the nine panel judges come next week ruling,and pleads with both the petitioners and respondent’s to accept the outcome of the verdict in good faith.




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