Elder abuse lawsuit filed against Casey Kasem?s widow Jean Kasem has been dropped. Los Angeles County prosecutors said on Friday, May 22 that they declined to file elder abuse charges against the ?Ghostbusters? actress, citing insufficient evidence.

Casey?s daughter Kerri Kasem accused her stepmother of abusing her elderly father while his health condition was declining. Kerri also claimed that Jean contributed to the iconic radio host?s death by moving him from a Santa Monica care facility to Washington in May.

After investigating the case and discussing it with their Santa Monica counterparts, the district attorney?s office rejected to file any charges against Jean. The organization claimed on a charge evaluation sheet released on Friday that the decision was based on the fact that Casey was constantly given medical care in his final days.

?Because of Mr. Kasem?s longstanding profound health issues, this case cannot be proven beyond a reasonable doubt to a jury,? the decision read. ?The development of a bedsore by itself is insufficient evidence of abuse or neglect because of Mr. Kasem?s overall weakened health.?

The document also stated that Jean decided to relocate her husband to Washington because she wanted to secure his privacy and keep him away from media.

However, Kerri wouldn?t stop looking for justice for her father. She said in a statement on Friday that she would continue seeking charges against her stepmother in Washington state. ?The Los Angeles County District Attorney, with her professed interest in ending elder abuse, could do more,? so the statement read.



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