Information reaching from competent and reliable sources near the activities of the State Security Services [SSS] reveal that the image maker of the SSS may have not been completely truthful with the public when she appeared at the Channels Television News Program on the morning of Monday March 31, 2014 over the shootings at the SSS headquarters on Sunday early morning.



According to the available information, the incident that occurred at the SSS headquarters on Sunday March 31, 2014 resulted in the escape of over 200 Boko Haram detainees being held at the SSS headquarters. Among the detainees that escaped was the notorious high ranking member of the Jihadist group, Abu Kaka.

Abu Kaka was reported to have been arrested by the joint task force [JTF] over a year ago following a tip off by informants. He is said to be the number 3 man in the Boko Haram terrorist organization ? at the time of his arrest. He was in charge of Boko Haram?s media communications. He was considered a priced catch by the Nigerian security operatives.

Sunday?s incident at the SSS headquarters between the operatives of SSS and the Boko Haram detainees is said to be the result of long term planing by the detainees. According to our source, the Boko Haram detainees had gotten knowledge of a existing underground tunnel at the SSS headquarters. It is not certain how they got knowledge of the tunnel but our source indicated that the detainees would have not gotten the knowledge of the underground tunnel without the aide of an SSS operative or the aide of another high ranking insider of the security system in Nigeria.

Through the underground tunnel, the Boko Haram detainees found their escape route. According to how source, over 300 detainees were being held at the SSS facility when the Sunday morning incident occurred. At the end of the said incident, our source states that the SSS was only able to account for the whereabouts of less than 50 Boko Haram detainees ? out of the over 300 detainees that were held at facility.


Our source pointed to the hovering aircraft above the SSS headquarters and the Central Business District Area of Abuja ? on Sunday morning ? as SSS?s effort to search or hunt for the escaping Boko Haram prisoners.

The source who claims to have firsthand knowledge of the SSS operations challenged the SSS and its image maker to make available Abu Kaka for the public to see ? either through an interview on public television or through a press conference. The source indicated that there was jubilation at the Kuje prison in Abuja among Boko Haram members held at the facility. He stated that the Boko Haram members imprisoned at Kuje were jubilating over the successful escape of one of their leaders from SSS detention.

He added that the SSS is presently working tirelessly to quietly re-capture the escaped inmates.

Stay tuned.


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