ABIBA Systems, the leading provider of business intelligence and analytics software solutions for telecom sector, today announced the launch of ChampionTM SNA, a mobile social network analysis (MSNA) Solution for telcos. ChampionTM SNA helps operators to establish relationships between subscribers using usage data and study interactions between subscriber communities.

Recent studies have confirmed that most of our decisions are significantly influenced by our interactions with other people and their actions. It is in this context that the concept of social network analysis has drawn the attention of the business and technology community especially in the telecom industry. ChampionTM SNA helps operators to harness the power of big data and telecom domain expertise to draw valuable insights from interactions between subscribers in their communities.

ChampionTM SNA will help marketers visualize their subscriber community and understand the role of each subscriber within his or her community. Post social behaviour analysis, marketers can design campaigns and offerings specific to each role.

ChampionTM SNA helps operators in key areas like churn prediction, customer acquisition, targeted cross sell and up sell activities. In addition, ChampionTM SNA enables marketers to explore new areas which were not possible in traditional predictive analytics, like diffusion of new products/campaigns in a community, impact of churn in a community because of an influential customer?s exit etc.

The key differentiators between ChampionTM SNA and other solutions in the market is its business user driven workflow, telecom specific analysis for churn, cross-sell, up-sell etc., integration with other analytics solutions and advanced visualization.

Sathya Karthik, CEO, ABIBA Systems said, ?ABIBA has always believed that innovation is the key to staying ahead of competition. ABIBA has been proving this time and again by coming up with niche and cutting edge solutions specific for the telecom industry. Though Mobile Social Network Analysis and Social Media Analysis share the same concept of social analytics, they differ in their areas of application. With a powerful solution like ChampionTM SNA, telcos can enhance their customer experience, and arrive at marketing strategies which are more effective than ever. We are glad to be one among the very few players across the globe to bring to market an MSNA offering.?


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