By Odimegwu Onwumere


The Good Governance Media Tour under the leadership of Minister of Information, Labaran Maku, had come to Abia State and gone, but the dust its visit had raised was yet to settle. Fielding newsmen, Governor Theodore Orji said that the tour seemed was orchestrated for Abia State, but it had ended up exposing his critics that the state was under-reported. While reading Orji in an interview it was as if one Louis Kronenberger in?Company Manners?had Orji at heart when he wrote that one of the misfortunes of our time is that in getting rid of false-shame we have killed off so much real shame as well.


People like Gov. Orji are the only ones who rejoice in such occasion that bystanders had rated Labaru Maku-led team to the Abia State as very low; and there should be the Bad Governance Media Tour that would tell Orji what he would not like to hear. Not that of Maku. The Minister?s ?good governance? tour of Abia State and the veiling of shame in praise of mendacity were baseless.


What Maku had succeeded to do in Abia State was to defocus the world that there was the Federal Government?s presence in that state, which was not true. Did the Minister reach Aba town to see the high degree of bad governance that their guided and censored tour was unable to meet? The environmental decadence of Aba is one reason there should be the Bad Governance Media Tour in Abia State.


The overrating of Abia State by Labaru Maku was a shock, when Orji could not show anything on ground his government could say it had accomplished, except verbal report. So, from where did Maku get his pumped-up appraisals of the state? Did Maku form his opinion based on the manipulation of the human rights in Abia State by the Orji administration, the non-conduct of LGAs election, reckless abuse of the Fiscal Responsibility Law, Public Procurement law, FOI law, and condescension of Civil Service or what?


That Maku was in total praise of the government in Abia was like a child eating from the house of those that killed his or her parents. It was not politics when a person or group decided to give a nod to evil and corruption and evaluating them in the positive. How come that the ?Good Governance Media Tour? failed to see proper the shame called Abia State? Perhaps, Orji took them to his compound, because that was the only beautified place in Abia State, and the blatant ?Good Governance Media Tour? thought that it was part of the bloated Abia projects.


The Utopian rating of Abia State by the ?Good Governance Media Tour? had shown that Maku was a national parrot, a singer, who would not stop singing for his self-seeking position, even when there was nothing to sing about. Did Maku visit the International Market ? Ariaria Market, Ekeoha Plaza and Ngwa Road market? So, from where did he get his ill-fated facts that Abia State was using its economy judiciously? It was obvious that this ?Good Governance Media Tour? of Abia State was hyper-guided in order not to find the true state of the government of Governor Orji in Abia State.


But it was dangerous and shameful that any right thinking person could say that Abia State was great in term of good governance. It was not an impressive statement of an outing. Such would not make Abia State and its lameduck government to progress. The ?Good Governance Media Tour? wanted to close the eyes of people from the crudity called government in that state but has succeeded to energise onlookers to beam more on the state.


Governor Orji should stop boasting yet that he had received numerous text messages on commendations from citizens within the country and in the Diaspora. He had been boasting that such text messages came from the United States of America (U.S.A.), United Kingdom (UK), Germany, Ghana and other places since the tour ended. Orji should not be jubilating yet because ?Bad Governance Media Tour? was on the way to Abia State. And he will be crying, contrary to his outburst that ?This Good Governance Project is good. It is a wonderful one and I commend the Presidency, the Minister and all of the journalists that found time to come…?


When ?Bad Governance Media Tour? comes to Abia State, it will write what it saw in Abia State, and not what it is told by Governor Orji to write about Abia State. It will tell the world how Orji has been using propaganda to run his government. And by then, people like Labaran Maku will cover their face in embarrassment and shall be reminded that lies can never wash shame.


Odimegwu Onwumere, Poet/Author, contributed this piece right from Umuahia, the Abia State capital. Email:[email protected]


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