Muslims from the Mfantseman constituency in the Central Region were thrilled when their son, the ace broadcaster with the Despite Group of Companies, Abeiku Aggrey ?Santana?, donated assorted food items as a part of his widow-mite contribution towards their Eid Mubarak celebrations after a month long fasting and prayers for the country.

abeikuHis donations were described as a great surprise, in that, it was the first-time a son of the land and non-government appointee, had come to support them during a festive occasion.

Abeiku Santana, arguably one of Ghana?s motivational public speakers, thanked the Muslim community for engaging Allah in prayers to help sustain the country?s peaceful democratic environment for all.

He pointed out that, it was not easy to adhere to one of Allah?s commandments, setting aside a whole month of abstaining from water and food and also using the period to pray fervently for peace and co-existence of all Ghanaians.

After the donation, he interacted with some party youth, where he urged them to ensure President John Mahama wins his second term as well as more seats in the Central region.

He told the party?s faithful(s) that the National Democratic Congress (NDC) is not content with the sixteen seats won in the last general elections and that, all strategic efforts would be made to ensure the party get four more seats to make 20 in the 2016 elections.

Mr. Abeiku Aggrey ?Santana?, a Parliamentary hopeful for the Mfanstiman Constituency, said though he was optimistic of victory when the party goes for it primaries, he would support any winner with his energy and resources.

Abeiku, whose profession run through, law, marketing and communication, said NDC would be in power for a long time if every member placed the party?s interest above one?s ego.

He maintained that, with the infrastructural development across the length and breadth of the Central Region, no hitch would prevent the President from getting his second term to enable him achieve his vision for Ghana.

SOURCE MustaphaInusah.Com


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