Today, the youth is celebrated, around Africa as they have been recognized as key partners in all the efforts geared toward the development of their continent. 1st November, 2017 was established to coincide with the adoption of the African Youth Charter by the African Union (AU)’s Summit held in Banjul, The Gambia in 2006.

As we are commemorating this Day, let us remain mindful of the fact that the youth constitute the majority of African population and that they are, still, confronted with the numerous and same challenges, notably lack of relevant and quality education and unemployment.

This situation makes them highly despaired and disillusioned. The rate of youth unemployment in Africa has reached 60% of the total number of unemployed people on the continent. Beyond these facts, they are, also, consumers of mainly foreign products promoted through the mass media.

AASU reiterates its belief that, the youth related issues can, only, be sufficiently solved through concerted efforts amongst African leaders. The youth on their part have an important role to play in changing not only their own predicaments but the general situation of their continent.

Africa has the largest “youth bulge” in the World and the number of youth is expected to grow by 42.5 million between 2010 and 2020 according to the World Bank. This constitutes a formidable human resource if properly trained, organized and used for the transformation of Africa from its current situation to an enviable one where its daughters and sons would not find necessary to leave its shores in the search for better living conditions elsewhere.

To galvanize the youth, African leaders must adopt the credo of leadership by good example. Africa needs selfless and committed hardworking leaders. Dishonesty for personal gains, nepotism, and cronyism amongst others must pave way for transparency, integrity and accountability.

AASU urges all its member organizations to embark in activities to create awareness amongst the youth in general particularly their members, to understand that only Africans can transform the continent for the better.

Long live African Youth Day!

All for African Unity!

-All Africa Students Union (AASU)


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