All Africa Students? Union have expressed its solidarity with all pressmen and women who are doing all what it takes to give us information on various issues having bearing on the lives and society at large.

According to the Union, though journalists operate in difficult conditions, we note with satisfaction an increasing freedom of expression on the African Continent.

?In Africa, the press is making an impact on the democratization process as it is demonstrated by the role they play in exposing corruption and ensuring free and fair elections. However we observe with fretfulness the partisan nature of most African press and their lack of addressing serious developmental matters. We believe that our situation is not exactly the same like other parts of the World; therefore our concerns and focus in all our endeavors should be on issues that will contribute in changing our current situation of despairs and disillusionments particularly on the part of the young generations.?

Africans, it said, having gone through centuries of slavery and colonialism, suffered cultural trauma because they were made to believe that their traditions and values were inferior and backward, and a people without culture are like a tree without roots, Hence they need to reclaim their cultures; and the Press should serve as a powerful tool in championing that cause and many other developmental matters.

It called for more conducive environment characterized by free flow of information and devoid of any intimidation and harassment of journalists urging African Governments to improve the working conditions and training of more independent and objective journalists capable of promoting African developmental agenda.


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