All Africa Students Union (AASU)
All Africa Students Union (AASU)

The All Africa Students Union (AASU) would like to express its astonishment at the inhuman treatments of the Rohingya ethnic group by the Burmese state.

Since August 25 the Burmese army and extremist Buddhists have been unleashing unprecedented violence against the Rohingya ethnic group forcing them to flee their country. These people have been subjected to rape, murder, maim among others. This army is reported to use antipersonnel landmines at the border with Bangladesh to cause more harms to the already traumatized innocent people seeking protection in Bangladesh.

It is mind boggling to witness such brutalities met against human beings by their fellows. It is high time for the international community to address, with all the seriousness it deserves, the issues of the Rohinghas in Burma who are victims of intolerance, exclusion, murders for many years.

The Burmese government has, long, considered Rohingyas to be foreign nationals from Bangladesh, despite their population numbering over one million and making up a large portion of the country’s Muslim population. To reinforce this obnoxious ostracism, the regime has embarked into the current ethnic cleansing to wipe out the Rohingyas from Burma through burning their villages and other heartless methods.

It is known that in 1982 a law was passed to exclude Rohingyas from gaining Burmese citizenship, making them one of the largest Stateless population in the world and leaving them at the mercy of systematic abuse including restriction on freedom of movement, work , privacy, marriage and access to basic health services and education.

The World must not fold its hands and seat down unconcerned about the plights of the Rohingyas. We have to act quickly to restore them in their fundamental human rights by ensuring that they belong to Burma and have the same rights like other citizens of that country.
AASU condemns, unreservedly, the dastardly acts against the Rohingyas.
We call for an immediate end to these shameful and barbaric actions.

All Africa Students Union (AASU)


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