The complete turnkey services are like advanced process control engineering, long term service contracts, weigh scale solutions, process assessment and consulting and many more. Their hardware experiences contain Siemens, Omron, Square D, Allen Bradley, Magnetek, Reliance and Sixnet.

The advanced process control improves the regulatory loop in globally optimizing the entire process. The benefits are achieving the highest return on investment and deliver sustainable results. Improve the profitability by increasing the production and decreasing the costs. Improve plant safety with more flexible operation and fast detection of abnormal activities. Achieve highest return on investment and continue to deliver sustainable results. The Systems Controls handles the Industrial automation department. The advanced control and optimization products can address all aspects of control and optimization, since it is based on a unique layer approach.

New techniques can be added anytime to a platform that can meet the objectives without compromising on any opportunities coming in their way. It gives twice the volume in half the time with the systems. With advanced techniques such as PLC Controls and APC application Centurion controls have been proving it to all their clients that they are a top notch.

Centurion controls specializes in Food Manufacturing and process controls. Researchers have proven the value and quality of the mechanical and control automation systems. Industries which can benefit from automation techniques are food and beverage processing, plastics etc.

There are also companies which help in finding out money is lost due to excessive labor hours, material wastes, energy consumption, poor quality control and excessive water usage. The factories here, do not take advantages of electrical and mechanical automation.

The statistical process control monitors all the processes though their control charts. Variations in processes if identified may affect the quality, so are immediately dealt with. The Factory Automation is done in various parts of its factories. To note a few there are Industrial oven automation, valve automation, food processing automation, advanced process controls, advanced process controls, flow meters, automated bottling, complex system automation, flow meter automation, extruder automation. The water treatment process reduces the costs and increase profits and also improves the company’s public image.

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