A popular nation on the Hispaniola Islands, Dominican Republic is a popular archipelago located in the Caribbean region. One third of the islands’ western part is occupied by Haiti. After Cuba, this island is the second largest nation in the Caribbean region. To reach this amazing destination, visitors can take help of professional travel agencies to gain best airline deals. For budget travelers, cheap plane tickets are also available. Before reaching this destination, proper travel planning must be done so as to avoid any hassles or disappointment later on. The region has many international airports handling passengers coming here from faraway places.

Travelers can arrive at one airport and depart from another as per their itinerary or the area they are visiting. There is lot to see in this awe inspiring country. For fly-ins and travelers flying through small planes, the destination has become unsurpassable destination in Caribbean region as of 2008.

A wide array of airfields and lands for vacation purposes are available here ranging from beaches to mountains, adventure areas to golf courses, ecotourism spots and many more regions perfect for vacationers. Many leading carriers offer cheap flights to Dominican Republic to cater to the needs of budget travelers.

This destination also offers unique aviation tourism to the travelers who wish to experience this place from a birds’ eye view. The small plane pilots do not need to pay airport charges as per Decree 169-08 issued this year. They can carry up to 12 passengers and 30,000 lbs on their small planes. After reaching this destination through flights to Dominican Republic, travelers can book these small planes to have an aerial view of the destination.

This way traveler can enjoy a multi destination visit in this region.

The major International Airports in this area are-
1. Las Americas located in Punta Caucedo
2. Punta Cana
3. La Isabela
4. Gregorio Luperón Puerto Plata
5. Samana
6. La Romana
7. Cibao
8. El Portillo
9. Arroyo Barril
10.  María Montez (BRX)
11.  Constanza 14 de Junio

Located in Punta Caucedo, Las Américas International Airport handles many international flights. This airport is situated in the proximity of Boca Chica and Santo Domingo. Its IATA Code is SDQ. The airport handles Boeing 747, 737, 767, 777, and 757, Airbus A340, A319, A330 and A320. Many short haul aircrafts also land here.

After Punta Cana International Airport, this airport is the second busiest airport in the country. In the year 2011, this airport has handled about 3 million passengers. The number is expected to rise in coming time as more and more visitors are planning to visit this amazing destination. To reach here, they simply needs to book cheap tickets to Dominican Republic. This place offers a perfect getaway for travelers seeking comfort and relaxation.

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