Everyday for the thieve and One day for the Owner, Yoruba Proverb Says”

Considering the level of grief and despair thieves cause, they are nowhere near severely enough punished.
In the Middle East they are, where they cut hands of thieves off. But here in the Africa and in most other parts of the world they?re not.

Imagine how much grief a thief stealing high tension power lines causes. There could be hundreds of people relying on the power lines he attempted to steal and because of him the power was cut off, now they were unable to cook for their kids or do work that earns them a living. All because someone who couldn?t be bothered to earn money with honest work decided to climb on a utility pole and steal the wiring for himself.

Luckily, in this case instant Karma was in the neighborhood and zapped him. He was found guilty,
sentenced and executed by electric chair all in one instance.


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